Research Topics

Reinforcement learning

  • Reinforcement learning based energy harvesting communications
  • Self-driving autonomous transit

Quantum Machine Learning

AI-based Medical Diagnostics

  • MRI brain tumor segmentation and brain metastasis detection
  • Pathological cancer cell detection in microscopical scanned image

Meta-learning and Bayesian Learning

  • Bayesian optimization for deep neural networks
  • Active learning based model agnostic meta-learning

Deep learning applications (Communications)

  • Generative adversarial training
  • Deep Learning Approach for Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation
  • Deep learning model of signal detection for molecular communications

Distributed computing and storage

  • Secure distributed computing
  • Private Information Retrieval
  • Coded caching

Graph-theory based unsupervised learning

  • Spectral methods for unsupervised learning
  • Graph theoretical generative models

Network information theory

  • MIMO
  • Interference alignment

Ongoing Projects

양자 딥러닝을 위한 배치학습 최적화 문제 해결

 Institute for Information & communication Technology Planning & evaluation(IITP)

Graph theory based generative adversarial networks and meta-learning

Samsung Electronics (2018.03 – present)

Deep and reinforcement learning techniques for smart IoT networks

National research foundation (2017.03-Present)

Deep learning based customer information modeling

Samsung cards

A Study on Paralysis Technique of Digital Communication under Cyber Electronic Warfare

Agency for Defense Development (2016.03 – Present)

Research on non-RF communication systems

Agency for Defense Development (2013.10. – 2021. 12.)

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